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The cornerstones of a successful Advisory practice

One of the keys to successful management of a financial practice is the use of advanced business models to guide practice operations and keep the practice on track with respect to its goals. Let us help you create and use efficient management systems.


All of your technical systems (i.e.. computers, software, printers, scanners, servers, website, email, phone system, messaging systems, and in-office communication systems should be working together and communicating with each other. We can transform and optimize your firm’s use of technology.


Developing or refining operational standards and written procedures makes for a more productive workplace. We analyze what procedures or manuals you already have in place and study your workflow processes to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Then we help set up systems to make those processes more efficient.


A financial practice office space is more than just the layout of the offices. It is more than just the placement of furniture and equipment. It is the combination of these elements with the goal of creating a harmonious workplace with positive energy flow that is beneficial to staff and inviting to clients. Design should be functional.

Why Engage?

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RIAs need to add services efficiently or RoboAdvisors will make you a commodity

The Efficient Practice offers industry-leading consulting, coaching, software and resources that transform and optimize all areas of your financial practice and/or professional business operations, simplify your life and increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your firm.

In our unusual and personal Comprehensive approach, we assist you in realizing additional profits by applying proven successful business operations from a variety of tactical perspectives to your firm. That will allow you to make efficient use of your resources in ways you may never have been aware. We do this by having an incredible knowledge bank of best practices, taking the time to learn everything about your business operations, making recommendations based on your goals and, finally, if you chose, implementing with on-going support. We offer more than just coaching. We want to ensure that your path to increased profit gets implemented quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of intrusion into your daily operations.

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  • The profit margin of a RoboAdvisor firm
  • The profit margin of a typical Advisory firm
  • % of clients who need services beyond just investments

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Available to RIAs, Apps, Service providers and other Advisors
Coaching is all about relationships. It is important to have a coach who understands your unique business approach, not plugging you into some pre-determined cookie-cutter type of system. We can objectively evaluate your situation and needs and offer personalized advice.
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With our personalized comprehensive approach, we assist you in realizing additional profits by applying proven successful business operations from a variety of tactical perspectives to your firm. We are here to help you implement our recommendations as well.
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Inspire people to do more, reach higher and achieve greater success through an innovative approach to business and leadership using efficiency techniques. We have brought the positive message of efficient leadership to dozens of organizations.
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Dr. David Lawrence has written many professional white papers and technical briefs for institutions, custodians, software companies and service providers.
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